Igman today

If exports to international market are the basic parameter for production quality verification, the arms factory ‘Igman’ from Konjicis a champion of the Bosnia-Herzegovina economy. This company exports all of its production capacity to international markets, which faultlessly recognize the high standardsand industrial quality provided by this factory.

Currently,Igman’s production facilities employ more then thousand men and women, which is quite an achievement taking into account that due to the war the factory was not present in the international market for four years, there were problems with working capital, bad propaganda from the competing countries and a whole series of other adverse circumstances, because after the war ended Igman was faced with repayment of mounting debt to the banks that have in the meantime been sold to international banking groups, completely disregarding the social sensitivity factor.

Between 1996 and 2010 the employees were seldom paid event the minimum salary every few months, which does ensure even bare survival. These were the years when Igman was not able to pay any health care or social benefits. Back in those days, the company was facing darkness, in which a Murphy’s Law threat war lurking that everything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong. The whole situation looked a lot like, as the Einstein once put it, an attemptto look for a way out where there are no doors.

However, the most persistent employees of Igman never lost hope, even in a situation like this, knowing that after every rain comes the sun. The sun had shined on them suddenly, when the management signed a 30 million Euros worth contract with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. That contract was a decisive tipping point in Igman’spost-war development. Its meaning, in a certain sense, by far exceeded the amount of profit, because with this contract Igman practically earned a certification to work for NATO member countries, including the United States of America. It was only at that time that this Konjic factory had returned to its pre-war path, proving in a harsh market competition it still hadthe ability to produce a high quality product with deadlines and pricing acceptable for international buyers.

The fact that the US, as the world’s leading military power, is buying the means to protect and strengthen its national security and maintain existing international order in global terms from a factory in Konjic has a very strong positive impact on Igman’s reputation.