Our history

Even before the cornerstone of the ‘enterprise of importance for the general public’ was set, a certain number of experts, such as craftsmen, technicians and engineers, were sent to Konjic from the developed areas of Yugoslavia, namely Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, to assist in setting up and starting the arms industry. Qualified staff was also mobilized for the same purpose from the Railway Furnace Facility in Konjic, in which they serviced locomotives and railway cars.

In a country faced with a threat of invasion by the Warsaw Pact countries, there was an imminent need of ammunition for defense against the attacks that Moscow was openly announcing. That was the time when the World War II allies began distancing from each other and the Informbureau Resolution also appeared. That was a time full of danger and challenges, even more so because there were members of the military and political elite that openly supported the Soviet and Stalinist model of development for the society and the country.

In its early days, Igman produced ammunition exclusively for the Yugoslav National Army, but as early as 1952 part of its production was exported abroad and since then the company is continuously increasing its defense oriented product exports.

The ever present need to increase production capacity required more and more skilled staff, which is why there was continuous education and staff training to ensure skilled and highly skilled craftsmen. Over time, Igman also established a mechanical engineering high school and provided scholarships for engineers attending faculties throughout Yugoslavia.

Human resource management always included the willingness to improve the technology for two reasons: to increase production efficiency and work safety standards on one part and on the other part that the employees are less and less strained while operating their machinery, in order to be able to dedicate more attention to quality.

First and foremost, the management of this company believes that the purpose of civilization development is not progress of science and technology, but a progress of human kind.