Cal. 12.7 x 99 mm BLANK M1A1

Balistički detalji

Cyclic rate

The blank cartridge shall operate the M2 HB and M85 Machine Guns at an average cyclic rate of not less than 450 cartridges per minute, 400 cartridges per minute, or more than 600 cartridges per minute at -18°C to +52°C.

Tehnički detalji

Cartridge case

Caura 12,7x99 Blank M1A1



Material : Brass

Weight: ~55.10 g

Length: ~99.46 mm

Propelling charge

Material : NCD powder

Weight: ~2.8 g


Material : Boxer non corrosive

Weight: 1.23 g




Metak 12,7x99 Blank M1A1

Weight : ~59.15 g

Length:   99.3 mm


Pakovanje 1

100 rounds in metal link belt M9

1 metal link belt in a metal box M2A1

2 metal boxes (200 rounds) in wire bound wooden box